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Munsell Interactive Learning Kit-M93000


Build your knowledge with the Munsell Interactive Learning kit M93000 as it's the easiest and most effective way to explain the complexities of colour physics. You can use the Munsell Interactive Learning Kit alone or with the Fundamentals of Color reference book.

The kit contains nine different tools and is perfect for students, new employees and anyone working with colour. One example of a tool included is the metamerism test which instead of just defining the word lets you experience the effect of metamerism on an actual colour sample.

All colour chips provided are intended for educational purposes and are not to be used for scientific duplication.

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Nine different exercises can be performed using the tools included:

  • Gloss scale - view the same colour with different gloss coatings from flat matte to high gloss
  • Metamerism test kit
  • Hue value chroma chart
  • Simultaneous contrast kit
  • Color Control Standard: N7/ neutral gray sample
  • Green Standard/ Sample Set - Visual assessment pair
  • Spectral reflectance chart with colour chips - the Fundamentals of Color and Appearance text explains further the interpretation of the curves.
  • CIELAB color space chart with colour chips
  • Munsell Color Tolerance Set - 7-step color tolerance chart showing the limits of visual acceptability.

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