Designed to help optimise colour viewing in work areas, the VeriVide Luminaire (VL) mimics natural daylight. It is extensively used in colour-critical industries such as textiles, coatings, printing, reprographics and design.

Fitted with four suspension brackets and a glare-free reflector, the VL can be installed or positioned at any angle. It has an opal diffuser and white reflector providing consistent even illumination, eliminating pattern formation or colour changes in the emitted light. This ensures accurate visual colour evaluation.

A time elapsed meter helps schedule lamp replacement after 2000 hours. Lamps used are either the VeriVide D65 conforming to ISO 23603 CIES012/E or the D50 conforming to BS950: part 2 and ISO 3664.
The VL will now is available in two widths: 710mm (VL60) 1335 mm (VL120), units are now supplied with a dimmable feature as standard in order to provide a variable intensity of light. The linked Luminaire system is ideal for colour evaluation of larger assembled items such as automobiles, furnishing and textiles. 

The Luminaire can also be supplied with an additional light source - fluorescent store light

On ordering, please stipulate the voltage you require.

Datasheet Download: 

VeriVide Luminaires Datasheet
For more information please contact VeriVide.

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Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth Weight (kgs)
VL 120 1335 740 120 28
VL60 710 440 120 10.5


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