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FHI Color Guides FHIP110A

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Two portable Color Guides with all 2,625 Pantone’s Fashion, Home & Interiors colours, including the 315 newest market-relevant colours.

The Color Guides FHIP110A are the perfect tool for designing fashion accessories, home furnishings, cosmetics, products, paints, interiors and leather goods. The lacquer-on-paper colors are ideal for specifying colors for non-fabric materials.

All 2,625 Pantone Fashion, Home & Interiors colours are arranged with chromatically order for easy and quick findability. The new FHI Color Guides give better and more effective match from Textile Paper – Green (TPG) Colors to Textile Cotton System (TCX), making easier and quicker the design process and colour production.

These colours are also available as perforated paper chips in the Pantone FHI Color Specifier, as well as on cotton - see SMART swatches (with the TCX number suffix).

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  • 2,625 market-relevant Fashion and Home colours with a TPG suffix, including new 315 top-trend Pantone colours
  • Colours have been reformulated to be more eco-friendly (TPX lacquer coating are chromium-free)
  • Fan guide format, to make it ideal for taking it with you to meetings, shopping and on-site reviews
  • Includes COLOR MANAGER Software (free to download on registration of your purchase)
  • 315 new market-relevant FHI colour for inspiration boost and effective colour verification
  • Split into 2 fan guides for finding and communicating easier the colour you want.
  • Portable format for taking it with you to meetings, shopping and on-site reviews
  • Colours arranged by colour family to find colour easily and quickly 

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