DCAC 60 Particulate Viewing Cabinet

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Effective, hygienic and high-quality evaluation of the identification of contamination for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Complying to national and international standards ensuring consistency across the supply chain.

Effective identification of visible particles

Consistency and agreeability throughout the supply chain

Feature hygienic, easy to clean interiors

Cosmetics & Personal Care
Food & Drink
Medical & Pharmaceutical

Designed specifically to meet national and international Pharmacopoeia standards, VeriVide’s Particulate Viewing Cabinet is a high-quality visual evaluation booth for the identification of particulate contamination for pharmaceutical manufacturers.
VeriVide DCAC 60 Particulate Viewing Cabinets are used worldwide for visual inspection of particle contaminants, providing standardised fluorescent D65 daylight simulator, configured to pharmaceutical requirements.
The black and white nonreflective panels of the light booth’s interior enable laboratory personnel to identify effectively any possible particulate contamination in test samples.
DCAC 60 Particulate is the first viewing cabinet which meets or surpasses three global Pharmacopoeia standards for visual particulate contamination evaluation: US, European and Japanese requirements.
VeriVide’s electronic dimming control enables the cabinet to meet all existing Pharmacopoeia standards, ranging from below 1,000 lux to meet Japanese standards to full brightness at above 4,000 lux.

The digital control panel provides an indicator for servicing of the light cabinet and additional features of auto sequence of light sources, warm-up, power save and data storage.


  • Dimmable light cabinet to control lux levels from 1000 lux for Japanese standards to 4000 lux
  • Standardised viewing environment with the highest quality of the CIE D65 daylight, configured to Pharmacopoeia standards
  • Black and white non-reflective panels for easy inspection of possible particulate contamination in test samples
  • Specially designed Benches and Planning Chests allow the light booth to be positioned at the ideal height for sample observation.


  • Effective identification of visible particles in ampoules, small bottle-shaped vials, and bottles
  • Adhering to US, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeia standards
  • Consistency and agreeability between sites through the supply chain
  • Feature hygienic, easy to clean interiors


DCAC 60 Particulate Viewing Cabinet

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 710 545 420
Viewing Area 680 360 380


DCAC 60 Particulate Viewing Cabinet Download

Extra Specification

Standards : US, Europe and Japan Pharmacopoeia standards
Light intensity: >1000lux – 4000lux

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