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Cotton Swatch Case-FFC206

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Please note this does not include the 210 colours added in 2015, add a Cotton Swatch Set: Ring Supplement for a complete library (Sizes differ).

  • 2100 chromatically arranged colours 
  • 2.5cm x 5cm swatches arranged in groups of 10 in labelled envelopes. 
  • Sturdy, portable guides ideal for transporting to client meetings or site visits


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  • 2,100 market-ready colours, including 175 new hues 
  • Removable 1" x 2" swatches arranged in groups of ten
  • Replacement swatches available to order 
  • Create your own palettes, presentations and mood boards with the extra envelopes provided
  • Light-weight cases hold all 2,100 cotton swatches, so you'll never turn up to a meeting with any colour short 
  • Easy colour selection arrange chromatically 
  • Numbered and labeled envelopes, so you can relocate your swatches easily after use

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