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The RAL Colour Dictionary is a colour psychology book presented in an easy to use format. A real-world consumer perspective means that the Colour Dictionary is valuable for trend consultants, interior designers, architects, craftsmen and marketing professionals who want more of an understanding of what the colours they are using every day mean to their customers.

Renowned colour expert Prof. Axel Venn has put together research from 60 interviews about the association of colours to words to create this comprehensive guide to how consumers see colour. Palettes for numerous word categories such as exotic, cosy etc. are all created using a colour scale from the RAL Design System.

Use the palettes with your RAL Design colour fan to communicate and specify colours for your project.

About the Author: Professor Axel Venn is established internationally as a colour, trend and aesthetics consultant. Professor Venn is also the author of of the other RAL publications – Colours of Health & Care, Colour Master and Colours for Hotels and contributes to their annual trend forecasts.

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  • Around 20,000 images illustrate the breadth and depth of colour associations with individual adjectives
  • 42 selected expressions are illustrated by expressive collages that demonstrate the effect of the colours associated with the expression when applied in practice
  • A large wall poster with an overview of all 42 expressions and their associated colours is included with “The Colour Dictionary”
  • 360 adjectives expressed in 49 colour compositions
  • Displayed in RAL Design system colours
  • 864 pages
  • Hardcover (24 x 26 cm)
  • Bilingual: German/English

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