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Helping you to choose the right product:

Do you need to check the colour matching ability of your team? The Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test is essential to determine and grade colour acuity which is the ability to identify small differences between colours.

Would you like to learn more about colour and the Munsell colour system? If so, choose the Interactive Learning Kit or one of the Munsell Books of Colour. The books of colour are available in matte and glossy display chips.. With Munsell Books of Colour it is quick and easy to select colours for your project and choose suitable contrasting or coordinating tones. The Munsell Nearly Neutrals Book has a range of subtle shades suitable for architects and interior designers. Do you need to specify a shade of grey for a colour room or an imaging suite? The Munsell Neutral Value Scale is available in both glossy and matte formats.

One of the Munsell scientific colour standards, such as the soil colour chart and plant tissue or rock colour books may be useful to you if you are studying Geography, Geology or Archaeology. Construction or mining engineers will also need them to define the type of rock or soil present at your site.

All the colours displayed in the Munsell Books of Color can be produced as A4 sheets of colour. Munsell. Munsell also make standards for the Electric Power Industry as well as ANSI Safety and USDA Food colour standards.

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