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Colour Training FAQ'S

Search our Colour Training FAQ’S and see if we have answered your questions about Colour Training Courses or Colour Vision Testing already. Contact us at if you need further help.

Where are training courses held?

Training Courses are held in the customer suite at VeriVide’s office near Leicester. This is easily accessible from most locations in the UK.

We can also run training courses at the client’s UK premises and will bring or ship the essential materials. The advantage to visiting VeriVide is that we have a large showroom with several light booths available as well as other equipment to use in the practical exercises and demonstrations.

How long is the colour training course?

Each colour training course usually takes a full day to complete and typically runs between 9,30am and 4.30pm.

Who are the training courses for?

VeriVide training courses are for people in any industry which produces coloured products. Training provides knowledge of accurate colour assessment and colour descriptors to communicate decision clearly to manufacturers. Training aims to help you improve quality, competitiveness, or supply chain efficiency. The courses are typically attended by designers, buyers, manufacturers, and product developers.

Can we ask questions during training course?

Yes, there is a relaxed atmosphere at all VeriVide training courses. The course duration is at your own pace, and we welcome questions during training. We will also make available some contact details so you can ask follow up questions after the course.

What is the minimum number of participants?

We recommend a minimum number of 4 participants for colour training. We can train smaller numbers, however, participants gain greater benefit from working with a group. This course is interactive and sharing of experience is valuable.

The minimum number recommended also gives you best value for training as a minimum fee is charged.

If only one or two people need training, we suggest you get together with your suppliers, customers or industry friends. The knowledge gained while collaborating with others on the practical exercises will be valuable as well as the fee being more cost effective for you.

What is the maximum number for training?

The maximum number of participants for colour training will depend upon the venue.

At VeriVide we can comfortably accommodate 10-12 people. However, at your office the room may not be large enough for this number plus the required equipment.

Training is interactive and requires people to use the VeriVide Light Booths, therefore if only one light booth it restricts the number of people.

Colour training does not follow a lecture format and is not suitable for large groups. We are happy to discuss providing talks to education groups, contact 



Is the course material made available afterwards?

Yes. Our training course material is available to all attendees. Each attendee takes away a pack of course notes and relevant datasheets to remind them of the day. Additionally, the notes on colour terminology can be referred to next time they assess colour.

Do I need to bring anything to training?

It is not essential to bring samples to training. However, it is useful to have relevant samples to discuss.

We have a limited number of practise samples, predominantly textile related, but we encourage people to bring their own specific examples to training. These examples can be current products which they need advice about or older examples already in the public domain. Samples (lab dips, prototypes etc) and the relevant colour standard are used for the colour matching practise. These can be commercial colour matches or items which have been a struggle to achieve.

We supply refreshments so no need to bring your lunch!