April 7th 2021

Do TPX/TPG colours match TCX?


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The colours in the TPX/TPG books are developed to be the closest possible visual match to Pantone Cotton TCX colours under D65 Daylight lighting. They cannot be guaranteed to match under other light sources due to the difference in chemistry of dye on fibre to ink on paper giving a potential metameric effect.
In practice, around 80% of textile paper colour chips are a good match to the cotton standards with the darker and more saturated colours – scarlet, dark red, navy, bottle green etc not matching so well as it is difficult to build up sufficient depth of colour on the paper.
Please note applying the same colour to different materials may cause different colour appearances due to surface construction, reflectance and other variables.
When producing soft and hard goods in the same range we recommend that the soft goods are matched to cotton TCX SMART swatch standards and the hard goods to Pantone Plastic Chip standards which replicate the cotton TCX colours on large Polypropylene chips.

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