VIEWPOINT COLOUR – Spirit of Nature – Issue 09

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Theme: Spirit of Nature

Edited by Franklin Till, VIEWPOINT COLOUR takes a lifestyle approach to color,  providing a global perspective across design. Combining inspiration with context, VIEWPOINT COLOUR highlights in-depth analysis of thepersonality traits of emerging color stories, explaining why they are relevant and their design application. Each issue highlights one overarching theme supported by visual imagery, material direction, and trend forecasts in Pantone Colors. The latest color news, color psychology research, designer and artists spotlights, and future design influences are also featured. VIEWPOINT COLOUR – celebrating the poetic qualities of color and the inspiring, artistic, and aesthetic power of color in design.



  • Spring/Summer 2022 Color Forecast: Four Key Color Palettes – Material Legacy, Deep Nature, Elemental, Unseen Color, and Key Color Family Direction
  • CONSTRUCTED LANDSCAPES: The Connection Between Humans and the Environment
  • EPHEMERAL COLOUR: Gothic Botanical
  • MARSHMALLOW LASER FEAST: Immersive Art Underpinned by Science and VR Technology
  • COLOR OF TIME: Slow Process of Natural Color Fading Impact on Material Finish and Appearance
  • PATTERN CONSCIOUSNESS: Understanding the Patterns of Nature
  • MATERIAL AGES: The Next Materials Revolution
  • EXPANDING HORIZONS: A Long-Term Design Manifesto
  • UNSEEN COLOR: A Glimpse into Nature’s Colors Indiscernible to the Human Eye

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