DigiEye for textile and apparel

DigiEye for textile and apparel

DigiEye is VeriVide’s unique, ground-breaking digital system for non-contact imaging and assessment of both the colour and appearance of any kind of sample, whether solid or liquid.

DigiEye measures and assess the colour and appearance of products with various sizes and textures, even with uneven, complex, and inconsistent surfaces or with multi-coloured characteristics. 

Compared to even the most skilled human eye, DigiEye provides objective, repeatable and accurate colour data and detects product defects, contamination, and continuity issues.

It has a huge number of potential applications within the textile, technical textile and apparel sectors, where DigiEye is already widely used and specified by major retailers and manufacturers.

DigiEye benefits:

  • Speed up colour development and approval process, enabling you to make reliable colour decisions within an hour.
  • Communicate colour and appearance instantly with your suppliers and manufacturers around the world.
  • Maintain an archive of photographic standards and product lots to share with all your suppliers for sourcing, eliminating the need for shipping samples.


  • Apparels, denims, laces, trims, meshes, patterns and prints
  • Technical textiles for industrial applications (e.g. seat cover, seat belts, airbags, woven and non-woven fabrics)
  • Carpet, furniture, flooring materials and artificial grass
  • Co-ordinated sets - including combinations of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ goods merchandised together.

VeriVide has introduced v.6 of DigiEye ‘cube’, which provides a larger opening for easier access and bulkier items, and all-metal slider retraction gear with soft closure. It can also be removed to facilitate cleaning or servicing, ensuring more durability and efficient operation.

Find out more about how DigiEye could transform your business, helping you to save valuable time, money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Download the datasheet below for more information or contact Russell on r.thorpe@verivide.com.

VeriVide's Digieye system for colour assessment in textiles, plastics, coatings, paints and other industries


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