DigiEye for textile and apparel

DigiEye for textile and apparel

DigiEye is VeriVide’s unique, ground-breaking digital system for non-contact imaging and assessment of both the colour and appearance of any kind of sample, whether solid or liquid.

It has a huge number of potential applications within the textile and apparel sectors, where DigiEye is already widely used and specified by major retailers.

Among its many benefits, DigiEye offers complete objectivity, accuracy, consistency and repeatability. It ‘sees’ colour in the same way as humans - focusing on the elements that need assessing and filtering out extraneous elements such as packaging or labels. 

DigiEye is versatile enough to be used with advantage at any point in the production process - design, testing, comparison, manufacture, packaging, storage, retail display, point of sale etc.

Data processed by DigiEye can also be sent in real time to one or more other DigiEye systems, anywhere in the world. This can lead directly to very significant cost-reducing global supply chain efficiencies.

  • Examples of products and materials that can be assessed quickly and accurately by DigiEye include:
  • Denim
  • Carpets
  • Patterns and prints
  • Lace and lingerie
  • Co-ordinated sets - including combinations of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ goods merchandised together.

VeriVide has introduced v.6 of DigiEye ‘cube’, which includes further improvements and refinements, such as a larger opening for easier access and bulkier items, and all-metal slider retraction gear with soft closure. It can also be removed to facilitate cleaning or servicing. This all helps ensure more durability and quicker more efficient operation.

To find out more about how DigIEye could transform your business, download the relevant PDF using the link below - or simply contact Russell r.thorpe@verivide.com

Download the datasheet below for more information or contact Russell on r.thorpe@verivide.com.

Datasheet Download:

VeriVide's Digieye system for colour assessment in textiles, plastics, coatings, paints and other industries


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