Pantone Specifier and Guide Set

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This older edition of the Color Specifier & Guide Set FHIP230N contains 2,310 Fashion Home & Interior Colours created from a brand new, eco-friendly, TPG (Textile Paper – “Green”) format and with a new look and feel. The colourant combinations have been modified to remove all lead pigments and chromium to make them more eco-friendly, while maintaining the same colour integrity as the previous versions that featured the TPX suffix.

Ideal for non-fabric materials such as accessories, footwear, kitchenware etc, the PANTONE Color Specifier and PANTONE Color Guide have been redesigned for the ultimate in colour selection and control.

PANTONE Color Specifier features six tear-out chips of each PANTONE Color, making it ideal for palette development and presentations. This is not available as a separate book thus the pages remain cleaner as you can use the fan-shaped Color Guide for inspiration before selecting a chip from the Specifier to attach to your artwork or specification.

PANTONE Color Guide is a handy, take-along two-guide set – perfect for sample shopping, client meetings and on-site reviews. It’s your complete, comprehensive colour library in a compact format.

If you want to get all 2,625 colours including 315 newest top-trend colours added in 2020, check our BUNDLE OFFER FHI Specifier & Guide Set (FHIP230N) & Supplement FHIP320A. This offer provides all Fashion & Home colours in a more affordable price than buying the new Color Specifier & Color Guide Set FHIP230A.

In stock

Easily share, with six-tear out chips per colour

Reformulated to be more eco-friendly



  • Now split into two sets, to make it easier for you to find the colour you’re looking for
  • Colours have been reformulated to be more eco-friendly
  • Fan guide format, to make it ideal for taking it with you to meetings, shopping and on-site reviews
  • 2,310 Fashion Home & Interior colours with a TPG suffix
  • Each binder has a pocket for the guide


  • Each binder has a pocket for both of the guides, so you will always have two copies to carry around with you
  • Individual replacement pages for Specifiers are also available, so your books will never be empty
  • Six-tear out chips per colour – 7 colours on each of the pages

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