Pantone Replacement Pages – FHI TPX Pages (From 2007 onwards)

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To order Replacement pages for the Fashion Home & Interior COLOR SPECIFIER 2007 (FHI-RP) onwards by page number please select number of pages required, proceed to checkout and then send a copy of your order confirmation by email to with a note of which edition you have and a list of the page numbers you require.

If you know the colour numbers you require but not the page on which they are sited please email the list of colour numbers to and we will look up the correct page for you.

Replacement pages are available to purchase individually for the Pantone Color Specifier editions with the Orange cover published between 2007 and 2013 and with the blue cover published between 2013 and 2016. These colours have the TPX suffix.

All pages contain seven colours with six perforated colour swatches for each colour number, the perforated swatches measure 2cm x 2cm (about the same as a small postage stamp).

We have several copies of most pages in stock ready for dispatch within 24 hours, however, some pages are now sold out.

In stock


Save money by replacing pages, rather than purchasing a full book


  • The Fashion Home & Interior COLOR SPECIFIER from 2007 (orange cover) contains 1925 colours, over 275 pages
  • The supplement added in 2011 contains 175 colours over an additional 25 pages
  • The edition produced from 2013 which has a blue cover contains 2100 colours in 300 pages


  • If you have used up all the chips of one particular page just purchase a replacement and your book will be as good as new again
  • If your customer requests you match just one colour from this book you can purchase an individual page rather than investing in the complete book

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