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Plastic Chip Color Sets-2017-039, 2017-040, 2017-041, 2017-042, 2017-043


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Do you need to match hard goods such as Plastic and Ceramics? Finding it difficult to specify and match to a paper standard?

If so then Pantone Plastic Standard Chips will be suitable for you.

If you do not need the complete set of 1755 Pantone PMS colours and you are looking for a specific colour within a colour range then one of these Plastic Chip Color sets will be ideal for you.

Each set features a selection of 100 plastic chips from one of the most popular colour families, there are five sets in total:

  1. Black & Gray, SKU 2017-042
  2. Yellows, Orange & Gold, SKU 2017-039
  3. Red, SKU 2017-041
  4. Green, SKU 2017-040
  5. Blue, SKU 2017-043

Order online and then send us an email at pantone@verivide.com to confirm which of the colour sets you require.

Replacement Plastic Standard Chips are available to purchase individually from VeriVide so if you only require a few colours in this format please email pantone@verivide.com with the colour numbers required and we will contact you to complete the purchase. Individual Plastic Standard Chips cost £16.00 each.

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  • Single carousel with a rotating base for easy colour selection and chip replacement
  • Made of Polypropylene, the most referenced plastic material
  • Each Chip is approximately 7.5 cm x 5 cm, large enough for ease of visual colour matching and to be measured by a spectrophotometer
  • Two tiers of thickness, 1mm and 2mm, allows for accurate colour visualisation
  • Double sided with gloss and matte finishes for accurate colour visualisation
  • Key ring hole in top right corner to allow chips to be organized into palettes
  • Collection features most popular colour families - 100 chips each
  • Choose from five different PMS colour collections: Blues, Reds, Greens, Yellow, Oranges, & Golds and Blacks & Grays
  • Each Plastic Chip referenced by Pantone Colour Number and or Name
  • CD included with numeric and chromatic colour index
  • Get the range of colours you need all in one set.
  • Our Plastic Chip Color Sets match to our graphics (PMS) colour system, so that you can match plastics to your print & packaging colours. 
  • The chips are suitable for colour matching a variety of products including nursery goods, toys, consumer electronics, kitchenware and beverage containers, home furnishings, appliances, accessories and medical devices.
  • Use for palette development, colour communication, and production of plastic products

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