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PANTONEVIEW Home & Interiors 2020 Book-VH2020 - BOOK


The PANTONE VIEW Home + Interiors 2020 trend forecast offers visual inspiration, key colour direction and suggested colour harmonies for interior design and home furnishings, including housewares, appliances, decorative accessories, bedding, textiles, bath, toys, flooring, indoor and outdoor furniture, paint, floral and food design.

The PANTONE VIEW Home + Interiors 2020 gives you a new era of unique approach to color and design for home and interior, where muted and vibrant colour tones are combined and traditional and futuristic touches co-exist. Initiate your inspiration and enhance your design with the Pantone View by using it as a guidance for distinct home and interior designs. This book includes 72 colours, eight trend themes, colour and material overview, hundreds of stunning inspirational photographs, and insightful descriptions or key phrases.

The soft cover wire bound book is an easy to handle oblong format measuring 12" x 18" the Forecast imagery, separated by palette and color family is available via download and Color Manager software is also included.

If you purchase the PANTONE VIEW home + interiors 2020 trend forecast book alone it does not include samples of the fabric swatches, however, once you have selected your preferred palette the listed cotton swatches can be purchased individually as SMART Colour swatches

  1. Introduction
    Each palette is introduced with a written overview of the trend and a supporting visual that sets the tone and highlights some of the key colours in the trend palette.
  2. Inspiration Photos
    A three-panel fold out contains six pages of visually display the lifestyle concept or inspiration from which the trend story evolved and developed, as well as the visuals of products and end-uses where the trend colours are applied.
  3. Harmonies
    Color harmonies highlighted within the trend palette show which colors should be mixed together and in what proportion or measure. 
  4. Key Design Influences 
    Highlighting additional insight and directions, a summary page concludes the forecast with a look at other factors such as material, pattern, and finish influencing the forecast.  
  5. 2020 Colours by Colour Family
    Printed colour card displayed by colour family provides a quick colour overview.
  6. 2020 Key Colour Direction
    Written and visual overview highlighting key colors direction by color family.

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  1. Overarching forecast theme
  2. Eight individual palettes supported by trend story, inspirational imagery, color harmonies and palette key words
  3. Each trend palette contains four to five color harmony options
  4. USB drive containing still images of photos in individual   trend palettes for use in presentation boards
  5. Printed color card displays forecast colors by family
  6. Written and visual overview highlighting key colors direction by color family.
  7. Pantone Colour Manager software for digital design
  8. CMYK values for each of the forecasted color
  • A comprehensive colour forecasting tool spanning multiple design areas throughout home furnishings
  • PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2020 allows the user to choose and specify their colour choices in PANTONE Colours based on forecasted information
  • Detachable printed colour cards enable you to take the forecast with you wherever you go
  • Download containing still images from the individual trend palettes allow for use in storyboards
  • Color Manager software allows the Pantone colours to be exported into your design software.

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