Pantone Solid to Seven Set

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Final Chance to purchase the Solid to Seven Set which contains the Pantone PLUS Series Formula Guides Coated and Uncoated partnered with the Pantone Extended Gamut Coated Guide. This Solid-To-Seven Set gives you a budget-friendling kit to enable your printing decisions.

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Colours bleed for ease and accuracy

Good visual match

Portable fan guide format

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The PLUS Formula Guides Solid Coated and Uncoated featuring 1,755 solid colours and the Extended Gamut Coated Guide have been put together to make it easier for you to compare the seven-colour process matches which correspond to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colours. The EXTENDED GAMUT Coated guide is printed with an extremely high quality, seven-colour printing process using existing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) inks plus commonly used Orange, Green and Violet (OGV) inks that ‘extend’ the colour gamut significantly. EXTENDED GAMUT Coated Guide page and colour numbers mirror exactly those of the PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDES for your convenience when reviewing together.


  • 1,755 solid PANTONE colours in the Formula Guide Coated and Uncoated, 1,729 solid PANTONE colours in the Extended Gamut Guide Coated
  • Identical page numbering for easy comparison to the solid PANTONE colours
  • Printed on the most commonly specified 100lb, text-weight paper stock
  • Colours bleed for ease and accuracy when making comparisons
  • Portable fan guide format


  • Easy to communicate colour by each unique name or number
  • The lighting indicator tool determines if lighting conditions are suitable for accurate colour selection and matching
  • Good visual match for approximately 90% of Spot colours
  • Achievable ink film thickness
  • Saves time getting up to colour
  • Every colour is comprised from only three different screen values

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