Pantone FHI Color Guide & SkinTone Bundle

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Get a great deal with the Color Guide and SkinTone Bundle!

The bundle is ideal for those working with Lingerie and product photography.

The Color Guide FHIP110A contains two portable Color Guides with all 2,625 Pantone’s Fashion Home & Interiors colours.

The Skintone Guide, STG201 contains 110 colours based on measurements of actual human skin. It is a superb tool for a wide range of differing applications for designers and product developers who use skin colour in their work. Ideal for matching skintone of models on product packaging and photography, it is also useful for Lingerie and Hosiery as well as toys, medical prosthetics and cosmetics.


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Portable, for on-the-go designs

Colours arranged for easy finding

Cosmetics & Personal Care


  • 2,625 market-relevant Fashion and Home colours with a TPG suffix, including new 315 top-trend Pantone colours
  • Colours have been reformulated to be more eco-friendly (TPX lacquer coating are chromium-free)
  • Fan guide format, to make it ideal for taking it with you to meetings, shopping and on-site reviews


  • 110 colours numbered from 1Y01 SP to 4R15 SP
  • Colours are identified by unique PANTONE number which represents both the tone and the undertone
  • Includes colour index
  • Large-size swatch with central aperture for easy colour evaluation and matching, hold over your skin to select the closest tone or over a coloured cosmetic to check compatibility with that skintone


  • 315 new market-relevant FHI colour for inspiration boost and effective colour verification
  • Split into 2 fan guides for easy finding and communicating the colour you want.
  • Portable format for taking it with you to meetings, shopping and on-site reviews
  • Colours arranged by colour family to find colour easily and quickly


  • Measures all different kinds of skin tones
  • The best way to match and coordinate cosmetics to your skin colour
  • Use the device when mixing and matching fashion garments to your skin
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Colour match your skintone for; photography, printing and product packaging

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