Pantone Connect for Adobe Creative Cloud

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Have access to all Pantone colours in your digital design software. Pantone Connect is for all designers who:

  • Design in Adobe® Creative Cloud® software (Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator)
  • Use Pantone Guides as a colour reference

Pantone Connect is a complete solution for you to leverage your physical Pantone Guides and add Pantone Colours into your digital design workspace. Over 5,600 Pantone Colours are missing from the Pantone Matching System (PMS) and Fashion Home & Interior system in Adobe® Creative Cloud®. The extension app provides amazing features with free and paid levels of access depending on your needs. Check the features below!

Pantone Connect is compatible with:

  • Photoshop – Version 20.0 and up*
  • InDesign – Version 14.0 and up*
  • Illustrator – Version 23.0 and up*

Try Pantone Connect for FREE for few more months! Download Pantone Connect here.

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Better colour communication and collaboration

Easily accessible from mobile, Adobe or web version

Manage colour palettes for multiple projects

Cosmetics & Personal Care


  • All Pantone Libraries available for cross-reference: Pantone Swatches, Pantone Matching System (Graphics) and Pantone Fashion Home & Interior
  • Convert RGB, Hex, CMYK, and L*a*b* values to closest Pantone matches
  • Closest colour matching and reference among the Pantone colour systems
  • Create and share with colleagues, clients and partners your colour palettes
  • Select colour nuances, colour harmonies, and colour extraction from images
  • Get the closest Pantone colour for any selected photo


  • Easy colour specification by converting the desired colour from physical guides to Pantone digital numbers and getting nearby hues.
  • Better colour communication and collaboration between design teams
  • Easily accessible from mobile, Adobe or web version
  • More effective design by eliminating mistakes to the inspiration and colour specification stage
  • Manage colour palettes for multiple projects

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