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Choose from over 15,000 Pantone Colours and communicate your vision to everyone in your workflow. Powered by Pantone Connect.

If you are a retailer or brand which needs multi seat licences for a large group of designers discounts are available for a multi buy – please contact us on for a quote.


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Better colour communication and collaboration

Easily accessible from mobile, Adobe or web version

Manage colour palettes for multiple projects

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Colour Design with Confidence

Access to over 15,000 market relevant Pantone Colours for Free or upgrade to Premium which includes all the basic, PLUS loads of added tools to create a smarted, more impactful palettes and ideas. See below for the full features list.

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Pantone Colour Reference NumberXX
PalettesUp to 10 palettesUnlimited
Trending ColoursXX
Colour StoryX
Formula, Hex, RGB, L*a*bX
Analyse Colour: Luminance, Colour Blindness, Light & Dark modesX
Cross ReferenceX


  • Search thousands of Pantone colours
  • Select the colours your find to use in all your designs and projects
  • Convert the nearest RGB/CMYK/Hex/L*a*b* colour equivalents to Pantone colour
  • Image colour extraction
  • Colour harmonies
  • Isolate any colour you see in a digital file to identify the nearest Pantone colour match to build your own palettes
  • Pair with the Pantone Colour Match Card with the Pantone Connect App to capture colour inspiration where ever you find it!
  • Create custom collages to express your own unique colour story
  • Save colours as Adobe Swatch Exchange files to share between Adobe programs
  • Check palettes to see how people with common colour blindness challenges may perceive your colour choices
  • Compare colour selections against light and dark backgrounds to make sure they are as functional as possible


  • Sign up to the app for FREE access to limited features
  • Cost effective Premium licence available allows access to all features
  • Flexible library sorting with filters
  • Share & Collaboration – communicate colours easily between design teams and workflows
  • Easily accessible from mobile, Adobe or web version
  • Manage colour palettes for multiple projects on-the-go
  • Compatible with Adobe programs
  • Accessibility support

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