Pantone Color Bridge Guide Set Bundle

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Special Offer bundle! The cheapest way to update with the new colours while stocks last!

Now supplied with the Supplement fan GP6102B-SUPL containing 224 new colours, the new colour reference numbers are 6001C to 6224C.

The Color Bridge Guide Set GP6102A contains 2,135 PMS Spot colours alongside the closest equivalent colour achieved in 4-color process printing, the set includes both Coated (C) and Uncoated (U) paper options at a better price than purchasing them separately so the set is ideal for ensuring you have everything your client is likely to need.

The Guides can be used to select and specify solid Pantone colours, to determine how a Pantone colour will appear when produced with CMYK inks and includes the CMYK percentages. HTML and RGB values are also provided to create optimal display of Pantone colours on monitors and web pages.

The Color Bridge Guides do not include spot ink recipes which are only available in the Formula Guide Set GP1601B

Color Bridge Guides contain colour reference numbers 100 to 877, 2001 to 2336, 1205 to 5875, 7401 to 7771 and the 294 extra market-trend colours, added in September 2019, are also included with numbers between 4001 and 4294. Pages of new colours are marked at the top with a square symbol for ease of finding.

These Pantone guides are also available individually if only one paper type Coated or Uncoated is required.

Out of stock

Internationally recognised

Includes lighting indicator tool

Full range of 2,135 colours

Graphics Prints & Inks


  • Full range of 2,135 colours including 294 newer high-demand colours in more nuances as well as CMYK ink bases in four percentage strengths
  • Supplement contains additional 224 new colours
  • ColorChecker Lighting Indicator to aid in lighting evaluation included
  • Text weight paper stock gives closer matching to today’s printed work
  • Icons mark colours that can be satisfactorily reproduced in CMYK, RGB or HTML with values provided to aid communication
  • An index at the back of the guide shows the numeric location for each colour


  • Provides side-by-side comparison of solid colour to closest process colour match
  • Saves money knowing when a spot colour can be adequately produced using CMYK inks
  • Get updated with all the new colours
  • Screen tint percentages serve as a starting point for adjusting the colour match if desired
  • Eliminates undesirable colour surprises before incurring costly pre-production and printing expenses
  • Included lighting indicator tool determines if lighting conditions are suitable for accurate colour selection and matching
  • Pantone colours are internationally recognised for colour communication and are globally available
  • Printed within today’s ISO specifications and G7® processes, with exception of more desirable optically brightened paper

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