Pantone CMYK Guide Set

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This Pantone CMYK Color Guide Set – GP5101A is a reference tool for the PANTONE 4-colour process system in a fan guide format with 2,868 CMYK process colours and corresponding values. This is a different system to the PANTONE Plus or PMS system and so it does not relate to Pantone Spot colours. If you require the CMYK versions of Pantone Spot colours you will need to purchase a Color Bridge Guide. The Pantone CMYK process colours are a colour system introduced to enable confident use of 4-colour process colours in offset lithographic printing and unambiguous communication of colour between designer and printer that will satisfy U.S. and Euro print conditions.

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Compatible with digital workflows

Useful regardless of location

Chromatically arranged to easily find desired colours


  • Printed using ISO standard CMYK inks and ISO print standards where applicable
  • Useful regardless of geography
  • Chromatically arranged to easily find desired colours
  • Larger colour area than previous guides/colour flows light to dark
  • FSC certified papers used throughout Printed at industry standard 175 line screen
  • Delta E 1.75 between colours makes colours distinct and printable
  • G7 workflow was used
  • Color identification numbers are ordered sequentially by page number and sequence on the page (ex. 2-1, 2-2,…2-14, 2-15, 2-16) to make locating and identifying colours straightforward


  • Ideal way to visualise, communicate and control colours
  • CMYK screen percentages supplied to make them easy for you to reproduce
  • Compatible with digital workflows
  • All colours are reproducible within commercially accepted printing standards

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