NCS Black & White


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NCS Black & White contains 79 neutral and low-chromatic colours. The colours are in A6-format for fast and easy colour and nuances identification and good indication of the darkness or lightness. NCS Black & White is ideal for designers and architects who work extensively with more black and white nuances.

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  • Colour sample collection of 79 neutral colours from the greyscale with a semi-matt finish
  • Large A6 colour samples (100×140 mm) for easy identification
  • Effective visualisation of colours in the greyscale
  • Languages: English, German, Chinese & Swedish


  • Arranged according to hue
  • Clear overview of the hues and nuances in every greyscale division
  • The colour sample collection gives a good indication of the darkness or lightness you are looking for if you work extensively with the black and white nuances