NCS Black & White

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NCS Black & White contains 79 neutral and low-chromatic colours and is ideal for designers and architects who work extensively with a neutral palette as well as those who wish to renovate in a palette of soft greys.

Now out of stock – for a similar product containing even more neutral colours choose the NCS WS 160

The colours are presented in an A6-format pinned together at one corner for fast and easy identification of colour, nuance and degree of darkness or lightness. The size of the NCS Black & White samples enables them to be held against walls or furniture to check which of the nuances works best in the available light.

If you need several neutral tones for comparison the NCS Black & White set is more economical than purchasing individual A6 colour samples.

The NCS Black + White set includes the following 79 colours:

  1. All the N colours S 0300N to S 9000N
  2. S 0502-Y to S 8502-Y
  3. S 0502-Y50R to S 2002-Y50R
  4. S 0502-R to S 8502-R
  5. S 0502-R50B to S 2002-R50B
  6. S 0502-B to S 8502-B
  7. S 0502-B50G to S 2002-B50G
  8. S 0502-G to S 8502-G
  9. S 0502-G50Y to S 2002-G50Y

Out of stock

Paints & Coatings


  • Colour sample collection of 79 neutral colours from the greyscale with a semi-matt finish
  • Large A6 colour samples (100×140 mm) for easy identification
  • Effective visualisation of colours in the greyscale
  • Languages: English, German, Chinese & Swedish


  • Arranged according to hue
  • Clear overview of the hues and nuances in every greyscale division
  • The colour sample collection gives a good indication of the darkness or lightness you are looking for if you work extensively with the black and white nuances

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