Munsell Color Tree

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The Munsell Color Tree M70115 is a 3-D model of the Munsell color order system which is a functional, yet beautiful work of art for your home, office, or classroom.  It includes 309 Munsell colour chips on 10 clear acrylic panels which you build to view all ten hue sets within colour space. The Munsell colour system comes to life with the Munsell Color Tree so it is an ideal tool to show the relationships colours have to each other and how to communicate colour by using Munsell notations.

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Functional, yet perfect for displays

Useful tool to show colour relationships


  • Every colour has 3 dimensions or attributes, Hue (H), Value (V) and Chroma (C), these are demonstrated using the Munsell Color Tree model
  • The trunk of the tree or centre of the model represents Value, which ranges from pure black at the bottom to pure white at the top and shades of grey mathematically plotted in between
  • Each panel or branch of the tree represents a different Hue of colour and the length of the panels (branches) show the Chroma or saturation of each hue


  • Functional, yet perfect for displays
  • Useful  learning tool to show colour relationships, can be used with students, new employees or anyone working with colour

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