Pantone i1 Studio Designer Edition

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The i1Studio Designer Edition EOSTUDIODE is the start-to-finish colour management solution for design focused colour perfectionists, looking for high-quality results.

The i1Studio spectrophotometer calibrates multiple devices. With the i1 Studio, your final production will match your vision more closely than you ever thought possible.

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Making colour accuracy portable



  • i1Studio spectrophotometer
  • i1Studio profiling software for monitors, projectors, scanners, and printers
  • Pantone Color Manager software and Quick Start Guide
  • Protective bag/monitor holder
  • USB cable
  • Mini ColorChecker Classic
  • Software download URL card
  • Pantone Color Manager software download URL card


  • The i1 Studio Edition features an UPGRADED CALIBRATION DEVICE – in contrast to entry-level calibration devices, the i1 allows more devices to be calibrated with a single spectrophotometer
  • DESIGN SOFTWARE INTEGRATION means that you can visually compare digital colour specifications with the achievable performance of their connected and calibrated printers
  • MOBILE DEVICE CALIBRATION expand your work environment by aligning design tools in multiple areas to showcase colour accurately
  • This reduced the burden of designing on a calibrated device and then having to display/showcase the design on a customer’s un-calibrated device
  • The i1 aids you in “Making colour accuracy portable.”

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