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Formula Guide Set Supplement-GP1601A-SUPL


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The Pantone Formula Guide Set Supplement, GP1601A-SUPL contains 294 new trend relevant colours launched in September 2019.

The colours are numbered 4001 to 4294 

The Pantone Formula Guide Supplement is ideal for designers who already have a recent version of the Formula Guide but wish to expand their colour palette to include more basics and neutral colours for greater nuance.

The Supplement enables designers, brand owners and printers to keep up to date with the new spot colours, it contains both coated and uncoated versions, and may be purchased separately or if you prefer to replace your Formula Guides the updated version to include these colours is GP1601A

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  • 294 new trend colours on both coated and uncoated paper.
  • Each colour is referenced by number and ink formulation recipe.
  • Colours are arranged in chromatic format
  • Keep up to date with new colours and offer more to your clients.
  • More popular neutral colours.
  • Better align packaging to the product 

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