DigiGrade textile industry colour fastness grading

DigiGrade textile industry colour fastness grading

World’s most efficient and accurate colour fastness testing system

DigiGrade - developed by and exclusive to VeriVide - automatically grades colour fastness test samples digitally. This small footprint system essentially comprises a digital camera linked to DigiGrade’s software to give objective, accurate, consistent and rapid results.

DigiGrade can assess single or muliple samples and is fully compliant with BS EN ISO 105-A11:2012 Textiles - Tests for colour fastness. Part A11; Determination of colour fastness grading by digital imaging techniques.

Though this is extremely advanced technology, the DigiGrade system is easy to use without specialist skills or knowledge. Typically, operators can be trained to good proficiency levels within a day.
A major advantage of DigiGrade is that it is a non-contact system. Examples of its use are the assessment of wash fastness grading for change of shade and staining, light fastness and rubbing.

Light fastness:  DigiGrade offers a simpler and more efficient way to measure Blue Wool samples for light fastness. It enables end-point of samples to be measured objectively and recorded accurately and consistently.

Rubbing: DigiGrade performs a one-click crocking test using a pre-defined filter. It significantly speeds up the test process and eliminates subjectivity.

DigiGrade has been fully proven by several years of design, manufacturing and laboratory applications in a wide variety of environments, and has been approved as the benchmark test process by many major retailers.

DigiGrade is rapidly becoming indispensable in textile design and manufacturing supply chains. It significantly shortens lead times, reduces costs and improves supplier relationships.

Download Datasheet:

VeriVide DigiGrade textile industry colour fastness grading Datasheet


For more information, call the team on +44 (0)116 284 7790 or email r.thorpe@verivide.com

Quick Quote
  • The world's most reliable and efficient colour grading system.
  • Much faster and more accurate than visual grading and A04/A05.
  • More objective than visual grading, so less scope for variation or disagreement.
  • ISO and AATCC compatible.
  • Measures many samples at the same time.
  • Measures 3D surfaces, non-uniform shades, uneven staining.
  • Stores and communicates data and images.
  • Easy to use - one day's training required.
  • Proven over several years in industry applications.
  • Accepted by major retailers, including Marks & Spencer.
  • Used by most independent testing labs.

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