Pantone Cotton Planner Supplement

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The 315 new top-trend Pantone colours for Fashion Home & Interior range.

The Pantone Cotton Planner Supplement FHIC310A is ideal for those:

  • Who want the new 315 top-trend Pantone FHI colours
  • Who have an existing Cotton Planner book less than 3 years old and in good condition

The Cotton Planner Supplement includes 35 individual cotton chips per page. The colour area is 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm and the swatches are glued to the page. The pages can be easily added to the front or back of your existing Planner book FHIC300 to bring your book up to date with the most affordable and effective way.

If you require a replacement Cotton Planner book then please go to FHIC300A for the new version which contains 2,625 colours including the 315 new colours.

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Colours are chromatically arranged



  • 315 new top-trend Pantone Fashion Home & Interior colours
  • 35 individual cotton chips per page (1.5cm x 1cm)
  • Natural and earthy yellow green tones
  • Earthy and organic brown tones
  • Ethereal and lighting shades of blue hues
  • Passion and warm red tones


  • Inspiration reinforcement with the most top-trend FHI colours
  • The most cost-effective way to keep up-to-date your Cotton Planner
  • All of the colours chromatically arranged for quick colour decisions and easy colour look up

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