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Color Extended Combo

Color Extended Combo-2015-009S

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Color Extended Combo combines the Formula Guides Coated & Uncoated, Color Bridge Guides Coated & Uncoated and the new Extended Gamut Guide in a portable and protective carrying case. 5-guide set of spot vs four & seven-colour process colours + FREE 4GB USB drive.

 This set allows brand managers and designers to compare Pantone spot colours to their CMYK and Extended Gamut (CMYK+OGV) equivalents when deciding whether spot or process printing is acceptable for colour achievability in marketing materials, signage and packaging.

Thanks to alignment with the latest in advanced PantoneLIVE digital and X-Rite hardware technology, Pantone has been able to update our Formula Guide printing process so you can enjoy our best colour yet! 

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  • Portable, protective carry case.
  • A free Download of Color Manager is included, using the unique code on the inside of each book.
  • Formula Guides, ColorBridge Guides and Extended Gamut Guide 
  • Free 4GB USB Drive
  • Stylish, portable and easy to carry around 
  • Easily check best achievable version of the Pantone Spot colour in 4-colour process and 7-colour process colour systems before deciding your printing method.
  • Cheaper than buying all of the guides separately 
  • Coated and uncoated, so you can see the colour in two different formats 

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