CMWS Colour Management Work Station

Flexible, self-contained environment for colour assessment

The Colour Management Work Station offers a flexible and ergonomic environment for viewing colour samples. It is ideal for helping achieve consistency throughout apparel production chains, from designer to retailer.

  • Lighting is adjustable to create the perfect environment for comparing physical samples accurately and consistently with calibrated on-screen images.
  • Controlled, standardised lighting within a comfortable and flexible working environment.
  • Retractable hood and curtain eliminate ambient lighting and external colour interference with on-screen colour perception.
  • Multiple features accessed via VeriVide digital control panel, which includes service indicator, warm up and power save.
  • Accurate and lockable dimming control allows illumination level to be set and maintained within tight tolerances.
  • Monitor stand provides optimum viewing height with generous work and storage space. 
  • Choice of 45 degree fixed angle table or variable tilting table.
  • Choice of illuminants: CIE standard daylights, point-of-sale, tungsten filament and UV.

The work station also has storage shelves. Additional storage units, including 2- and 4-drawer units, can be added to the system.

All work stations are supplied complete with lamps and can incorporate up to five light sources of your choice. 

Interiors are finished in neutral matt grey, which can be Munsell N5, Munsell N7 or G5574 according to your preference.

Voltage can also be specified to meet your requirements.

For more information please ring +44 (0)116 284 7790 or click the 'Get a quotation' button below to send us an enquiry email. 

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