CMVS Colour Management Viewing Station

Accurate colour assessment when space is tight

In most open-plan offices and studios ambient lighting is unspecified and uncontrollable - a big problem for anyone trying to assess colour in the same space. 

The solution is a VeriVide Colour Management Viewing Station - a stand-alone colour assessment area which includes all of the pieces illustrated and is therefore large and bulky requiring specialist delivery and installation.

The unit consists of:

  • A VeriVide CAC 150 with - in standard form - up to five light sources and a viewing area over 1.5 metres wide.
  • A retractable hood and curtains to eliminate ambient lighting and internal colour interference.
  • A multi-featured VeriVide digital control panel with a highly accurate dimmer that is lockable to preserve settings.
  • Storage space for, for example, historical colour data files and accreditation information.

CAC 150 illumination can include VeriVide D65, point of sale, tungsten filament and ultraviolet. 

The Colour Management Viewing Station is a perfect way to create viewing space without needing any space! 

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