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Bridge-To-Seven Set -2015-005

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PANTONE PLUS SERIES COLOUR BRIDGE Coated Guide paired with PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Coated Guide - a must-jhave for making informed decision about your printed colour options;

  • Solid Colour 
  • Seven-Colour process 
  • CMYK process 

These two guides can be compared side-by-side, to see how quickly and how closely a PANTONE Spot colour can be matched to either a CMYK four-colour or our new Extended Gamut seven-colour process printing methods. Spot colour is the preferred printing option by most brands but sometimes challenging to acheive economically so process colour choices might be considered.

The set includes colour indexes for fast colour lookup and a lighting evaluation tool (included in the colour BRIDGE Coated Guide only) to ensure your ambient lighting conditions are right for colour evaluation.

Easily work with these and thousands more of the most up-to-date PANTONE colours in your favorite design software with the included free download of PANTONE colour MANAGER Software.

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  • Full range of 1,761 colours including 84 new colours, chromatically arranged for ease of selection.
  • All guides now include a ColorChecker Lighting Indicator to determine if lighting conditions are suitable for colour evaluation.
  • Text weight paper stock gives closer matching to today's printed work.
  • Icons mark colours that can be satisfactorily reproduced in CMYK and/or RGB.
  • Process matches with CMYK screen tint percentages displayed next to each solid colour.


  • Includes 1,729 solid PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM
  • Identical page numbering to the PLUS Series Formula Guide Solid Coated for easy comparison to the solid PANTONE colours
  • Printed on the most commonly specified 100lb. text-weight paper stock 
  • Colours bleed for easy and accuracy when comparison checking 
  • Spectrophotometer-ready pages 
  • Portable fan Guide format 
  • For more information go to the Extended Gamut Guide 
  • One guide, multiple uses
  • Saves money knowing when a spot can be adequately produced in CMYK
  • visualises solid PANTONE colours on the most popular paper stock
  • Portable format provides convenience and fast access to colour data
  • Affordable alternative solution for designs requiring multiple spot colours
  • Save money and time with fewer pre-production approval rounds
  • Portable format provides convenience and fast access to colour data

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