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FHI Color Guide - 2019 Color of the Year-FHIP110COY19

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As with the standard FHI Color Guide, the FHI Color Guide  - 2019 Color of the Year features 2,310 Fashion, Home + Interiors Colours. High-quality print on eco-friendly, TPG (Textile Paper - "Green") creates an unequalled look and feel. The colourant combinations have been modified to remove all lead pigments and chromium, while maintaining the same colour integrity as the previous versions that feature the TPX suffix.

The FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Color Guide gives you 2,310 PANTONE Colors on paper for designing fashion accessories, home furnishings, cosmetics, products, paints, interiors and more. The lacquer-on-paper colours are ideal for specifying colours for non-fabric materials.

The Color Guide is chromatically arranged to enhance inspiration and speed production, as well as broken up into 2 volumes.

If you want to get all 2,625 colours including 315 newest top-trend colours added in 2020check our bundle OFFER FHI Color Guide COY19 & Supplement FHIP110A. This offer provides all Fashion & Home colours in a more affordable price than buying the new Color Guide FHIP110A

These colours are also available as perforated paper chips in the PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Color Specifier, as well as on cotton - see SMART swatches (with the TCX number suffix).

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  • 2019 Color of the Year Living Coral 16-1546 cover enables fast identification of the age of your Guide

  • Three Pages which explain the rationale behind the Color of the Year selection

  • A full page of colour with cross-references across other Pantone Systems

  • A History of Color of the Year - 20 years of colour selection

  • A beautiful soft-touch box to keep your Guide away from dust and light.




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