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Color Bridge Coated Supplement -GG4003-SUPL

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  • PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors are displayed alongside four-colour process printed equivalents. Quickly determine how well Solid Colors can be matched in CMYK.
  • 336 additional colours to supplement your original color bridge. 
  • Purchase Color Bridge Coated and Uncoated for the 112 new colours
  • Colours are each presented with coordinating numbers and CMYK, sRGB and HTML for easy translation, be it for digital or print mediums
  • Print information (co-ordinating numbers and ink formulation) is supplied alongside the colours, allowing easy identification of how to match the printed colours on press. 
  • Colours are arranged chromatically to allow easy colour identification
  • Colours printed in full bleed to allow ease of assessment when laid over proofs or samples
  • A colour index can be found in the back of each guide for easy location of colours by number.
  • Fan guide format makes the supplement extremely portable 

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