Colour technology

Colour training courses

Colour training courses

VeriVide has been responsible for every significant innovation in colour assessment since 1964. Its expertise is second to none. 

VeriVide therefore offers a range of world-class training courses designed to help your organisation reap the business benefits of effective supply chain colour management. These include higher quality, greater production efficiency and reduced waste.

Courses can be held on your premises, at local or regional training centres, or at VeriVide’s UK headquarters.  

The content of training programmes can be adapted to your specific needs, but typically comprises:

Introduction to colour

  • The basic science of colour.
  • The social and commercial importance of colour.
  • Visual assessment of colour.
  • Digital assessment of colour.
  • Colour communication.


Quality control

  • How colour can help assess quality.
  • Colour measurement in industrial environments.
  • Sharing and communicating colour data.
  • Cost-effective implementation.
  • Sample preparation and presentation.
  • Analysing data and reaching decisions. 
  • Practical examples and exercises.


Computer match prediction

  • Making a database.
  • How to use match prediction.
  • Correction routines.
  • Expert matching.
  • Practical examples and exercises.

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