VeriVide Visual Assessment Products FAQ

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Who is VeriVide?

VeriVide manufacture specialist lighting and imaging tools for visual and digital assessment of colour and appearance.

All products are manufactured at our Head Office in Enderby, Leicestershire and distributed globally by our network of distributors.

VeriVide has been at the forefront of developing and updating worldwide and customer specific standards for over 55 years. Many global brands consult VeriVide when setting their global colour standards for suppliers. It is for this reason, that VeriVide has developed long-term relationships with supply chains throughout the world.

Who uses VeriVide products?

VeriVide serves any industry where products must meet a visual quality goal. This means that our products are used in industries as varied as currency and identification card manufacturers, cosmetics, food and food packaging, pharmaceuticals and dish soap and all manner of textiles.

What does visual assessment in standardised conditions mean?

Visual assessment simply is viewing a product, object or sample.

The purpose of visual assessment is to make a judgement on how a product appears.  Whether this is to ensure a sample garment looks as intended prior to mass manufacture or to assess particulate contamination during pharmaceutical manufacturing, the fundamentals stay the same. There is an observer and there is an object or sample.

However, the results of visual assessment can vary immensely. If you are viewing a fabric sample for a sofa at your office window during the winter, the colour and appearance will differ greatly from what a manufacturer in Piedmont, Italy is seeing at their window and a buyer at a New York department store will see under point of sale lighting, due to the different properties of the light. This will cause differences of opinion, which can delay production times at best and at worst result in loss of sales and penalties for suppliers.

To ensure consistency and agreement, visual assessment should be performed under the same lighting conditions at each stage of the supply chain. When viewing under the same lighting conditions, you are creating ‘standardised assessment conditions’. These conditions will improve consistency of results and ultimately mean more accurate decisions and better business outcomes.

VeriVide is a trusted provider of standardised assessment conditions for a number of industries and have developed and maintained standards for over 50 years.

Why do I need standardised viewing conditions?

Textile Retailer

Standardised viewing conditions help you ensure that the garments you produce are as faithful a representation of the original design as possible, that the product or garments look as they should in store and that you avoid metamerism

Textile Manufacturer

Standardised viewing conditions, often specified by your manufacturer, ensure that you can accurately produce garments as intended; cutting out costly re-runs and even loss of business. They ensure that the fabric you have chosen looks how it should under your client’s point of sale lighting and it does not suffer from metamerism.


Standardised lighting conditions ensure that the recipes you formulate or chose based on existing software and spectrophotometer data look as they should to the consumer. Your customers need the products to look as intended and for most of your clients; spectral data alone does not give them the same piece of mind as visually assessed samples or products.

Flexographic Printer

Standardised lighting helps flexographic printers working with brand or spot colours ensure they meet the high standards expected. In a growing and increasingly competitive market, ensuring that finished products are accurate representations of the original design can be achieved by using VeriVide’s specialist print and packaging range.

Quality Assurance

For quality assurance specialists, visual assessment is a vital part of ensuring high-quality products. Assessing not just colour, but how a product appears, whether there are visual inconsistencies is a vital part of many companies quality assurance. For food manufacturers, it is used to ensure consistency and quality of large volumes of products. For those working with composites, visual assessment is used to check for flaws. For both industries, the same is true; viewing a product can be the difference between product failure and the high-quality products their customers expect.

Technical Textiles

Technical Textiles manufacturers and end users use VeriVide Colour Assessment cabinets to highlight imperfections and colour issues. In industries where perfection is required by the client, such as synthetic leather for car seats, visual assessment is a vital part of ensuring that standards are upheld and customers are happy.

Lithographic Printer

At one of our larger Lithographic Print clients, VeriVide CCC’s are used to compare large print runs against proofs to ensure consistency of colour and quality. VeriVide CCC’s are also used in showrooms to aid client presentations and highlight capabilities to both build and retain business.

For a highly competitive industry that is constantly in search of any advantage, standardised assessment conditions allows for consistent replication of colour and colour branding. VeriVide Print products allow you to visually assess deviation of spot colours against colour standards as well as between proofs and samples from print runs. 

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