Pantone FAQ’S for Interior Design

1. Where can I buy Pantone paint?

Unfortunately due to restrictions on shipping paint it must be manufactured in the Country in which it is to be used and therefore Pantone paint is only available where a Licensee is approved to manufacture it. Pantone paint for interiors is now available in a number of Countries in Europe, the UK Licensee is Valspar (UK) Corporation Limited for more information contact them at http://www.valsparpaint.co.uk or Email: customerservice@valsparpaint.co.uk. Please note Pantone colours that are available may be limited.

2. How can I buy a Pantone colour in paint if it is not part of the pre mixed range?

You will need to purchase a Pantone book or a Replacement Page for a Pantone book or a fabric swatch (depending on the Pantone range your colour is from) and take to a paint wholesaler who can mix paint to a specified colour. VeriVide can sell you the correct colour sample to provide the standard for paint mixing.


3. Where can I find out which colours are on trend for Interiors?

Pantone View Home & Interiors is a trend book published annually; it is usually launched in March and contains the trends for the following year. The 2018 volume is available to buy now for £340.00 ex VAT and delivery and this includes a CD of the Color Manager software which contains the digital data for all Pantone colours for your design software.

4. I want to buy Pantone View Home & Interiors but I also need swatches of colour is this possible?

Yes, the Pantone View Home & Interiors Kit also includes small strips of the cotton swatches and small plastic chips in the trend colours used in the book.  This costs £485.00 ex VAT and delivery. The colours are also referenced in the book and so individual SMART swatches of the colours can also be purchased separately for you to send to clients or suppliers.

5. I have a Pantone Formula Guide; can I use this for matching fabric colours? 

Yes, you can but fabric suppliers and mills will find it much more difficult to produce a good colour match to this especially to the coated version because of the shiny appearance of the paper. The Fashion,Home & Interiors range of colours have been specifically developed because they are achievable on fabric whereas the Formula Guide coated is for Graphic Designers to use for logo colours and printing on clear film and white paper and so many of the colours are too saturated (bright) to be achievable on fabric. We advise that you select colours from the Fashion,Home & Interiors cotton books and then send your suppliers individual SMART swatches for them to use as a colour standard.

6. I am creating a homeware range from mixed materials how can I ensure that they coordinate?

Pantone Plastic Standard Chips are also available in the Fashion,Home & Interiors colours and can be purchased individually, for more information please contact pantone@verivide.com. The Pantone TPG paper books from the Fashion,Home & Interiors range can also be used for specifying the colour of non-fabric goods, these are in the same colour range as the cotton swatches and are created by coating the non optic paper rather than printing for a truely opaque finish.


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