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The VeriVide programme includes a range of colour assessment cabinets and booths and other visual assessment equipment, complemented with systems to enable greater efficiencies and quality throughout the supply chain to the point-of-sale.

VeriVide systems that have proved highly successful in the textile and apparel sectors, where global sourcing of component manufacture has increased the need to assure colour and finish consistency, with the integration of DigiEye and associated products including colour management workstations.

DIGIEYE Imaging System

DIGIEYE Imaging System () More information »

Light Cabinets

Light Cabinets () More information »


PANTONE SHOP (Pantone) More information »

RAL Colour Space System

RAL Colour Space System () More information »


PANTONE SMART Swatch Cards () More information »

Lamp Options and Paint

Lamp Options and Paint () More information »

Colour Control Cabinets

Colour Control Cabinets () More information »

Textile Testing Equipment

Textile Testing Equipment () More information »

Colour Fastness Cabinets

Colour Fastness Cabinets () More information »

Proof Viewing Cabinets

Proof Viewing Cabinets () More information »

Planning Tables

Planning Tables () More information »

Transparency Viewers

Transparency Viewers () More information »

VeriVide Accessories

VeriVide Accessories () More information »